Integrated Global Services

IGS is a multinational company based in the USA whose main focus is to seek alternative solutions for the continuous repair and replacement of critical equipment in various industries such as:

  • Mining and Minerals
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Oil and Gas

In the Mining industry, the main focus is to solve problems caused by corrosion and erosion using High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS).

The HVTS is a proprietary technology of IGS, which when applied to the base metal creates a protective barrier against process conditions (corrosive and/or erosive species) by enhancing the substrate with superalloys.

This solution extends the lifespan of the treated equipment, reducing plant shutdowns and repair or replacement times for parts, resulting in increased productivity.

Innovation and Development

Innovation and development are part of the DNA of Inv. Santa Eliana. Our company is always available to provide technical advice and support new ideas. As a company, we are capable of adapting and seeking solutions according to the needs of each situation.

Projects we have participated in:

  • Project Anillo ACM170002, titled "Sustainable management of mining tailings using native plants and biofertilizers to restore the landscape, mitigate socio-environmental impact, and create foundations for valorization."
  • Mitigation project in the intervention polygon with presence of polymetals, Arica 2010.
  • Mitigation project for ashes coming from the Chaitén Volcano.
  • Intendancy of Atacama, mitigation of particulate matter post-floods in Copiapó, Chañaral, Diego de Almagro, and Tierra Amarilla.
  • Copper Andino, an innovative Chilean company in the new technologies of copper usage.

Boiler Maintenance

We have a specialist team in the maintenance of Boilers and Burners, composed of first-rate supervisors and technicians.

Our team is led by an Industrial Civil Engineer with extensive experience providing services to the mining industry and who has managed companies in the boiler industry.

The pre-sales team has over 3 years of experience working with both national and international suppliers in the purchase of equipment and spare parts for boilers and heaters of various characteristics.

The technicians, who are our greatest asset, have over 10 years of experience providing services in various industries at the national level, with several of them recognized in the mining sector.

Services that our team has previously provided
  • Boiler and Burner maintenance along with their peripherals.
  • Boilers for Water, Steam, or Thermal Fluid.
  • Gas, oil, or dual-fuel burners.
  • Installation of new boilers and burners.
  • Commissioning of boilers and burners.
  • Support in emissions monitoring.
  • Boiler certification.

Extensive experience in serving clients in the mining sector.

International Businesses

Since 2007, the company has achieved its internationalization within the Latin American framework, establishing operations in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, and Uruguay, creating solid networks of contacts.

Additionally, there is extensive experience in introducing and representing new technologies in Latin America, providing commercial and technical support to represented companies, which have been able to penetrate the market.

Particulate Matter Monitoring


Real-Time Monitoring Equipment for Total Suspended Dust Concentration in dirt roads and other productive areas in mining and construction sites.

  • Monitoring of PM10, PM2.5, PM1 behavior via Web and smartphones.

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